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  • Vibernum – 7th album

    Vibernum – 7th album

    A new sound for Captains Of The Imagination VIBERNUM will be Captains Of The Imagination’s 7th studio album, an EP that brings together various styles of the African diaspora and a wide range of musicians from the local scene and beyond. Imagine, Evita Koné & Dr. Koul fully immerse themselves in this vibe that contains…

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  • Un prince de Hombourg

    Un prince de Hombourg

    The text of The Prince of Homburg is an echo chamber of the time of its performance. As in every era of social and political transformation, this unstable text, seismograph of a youth who guesses but cannot act, who guesses but must obey, is a merciless resonator of a world to come, still unformed, still…

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  • Seule.s en scène

    Seule.s en scène

    From November 27 to December 3, 2023 at the ADC Pavilion At the heart of the seule.s en scène project, I am : a woman who has been dancing for 45 years, a dance that has followed me since, a woman who has met other women who have been dancing for a long time, some…

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    CORRESPONDANCE, a show by Caroline de Cornière and Cie C2C to be discovered from May 25 to June 4, 2023 at the Galpon, Geneva, in the framework of Out of The Box. It would be a story of beauty. Or rather a story that questions beauty. Something sensual, in balance, which imposes itself and sometimes…

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  • Rectum Crocodile

    Rectum Crocodile

    “Rectum Crocodile” is a fierce plea where in turn are summoned by a choreography of gestures, bodies and voices, the ghosts of colonialism that still haunt the Caribbean. Rectum Crocodile” is an hour-long dance poem, a howl from the soles of the feet, a cry from the intestines that resonates in our arms. Taking as…

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  • Cachalotte

    CACHALOTTE is a choreographic, choral and theatrical journey along an expanse of water – whatever it is – resembling a wacky initiatory quest. Under the guise of half-fisherman half-fisher guides, we invite people to experience with us a maritime epic on hard ground. With CACHALOTTE, we continue to dream about the thousand and one joyful…

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  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Everyone should be free to pursue their own happiness – but how does that really work? In The Pursuit of Happiness, the dancers become happiness hunters. They are convinced that movement and, in particular, dance are powerful tools for generating, processing and transmitting feelings. The dancers also believe that happiness is a common good. As…

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  • Eustache McQueer

    Eustache McQueer

    Eustache MacQueer was invited by the Pôle Mission Égalité et Diversité of the University Lyon 1 to perform with Diana Baroni during the festival ‘Hors de Genre’ at La Doua on 19 May 2022. Photos by Juan Para Torres

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  • Concours de larmes

    Concours de larmes takes us into a poetic, entertaining and cathartic arena where we confront our experiences of crying. The sad clown, the drama queen, the weeper or the crocodile tears, it is through these archetypal figures that they question this old patriarchal idea that it is necessary to be a woman. The Contest of tears…

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