Cie Synergie (Danse and Cooperation association) was created in Meyrin in June 2017.  

In September 2017, Cédric Gagneur’s solo Labyrinthum was performed in Toulon for the Constellations festival of the Cie Kubilai Khan Investigations as well as in Fribourg for the Incidanse festival. 

The duet Palette(s) by Marc Oosterhoff and Cédric Gagneur was performed in June 2017 at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Genève for the music festival on the dance stage of the ADC, in March 2018 at the esplanade du lac de Divonne-les-bains for the festival Les Hybrides Hiphopées, in May 2018 in Brig and Sierre for the Fête de la danse Valais, in June 2018 in Geneva for the Festival l’Été du Parc Bertrand, in July 2018 in Meyrin for the Festival Meyrin les bains and in August 2018 in Yverdon-les-bains for the festival Le Castrum. 

Kiss me blue, a performance by Sarah Bucher, Maryfé Singy, Alex Landa Aguirreche and Cédric Gagneur was created and performed in November 2017 at Maison d’Ailleurs, museum of science fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys in Yverdon-les-bains, in connection with the exhibition Corps-Concept. 

All four of them also create with the musician Claudio Melis the in situ creation Krolok at the Oriental theater in Vevey in January 2018 for the festival Les Chorégraphiques. The piece was replayed in May 2018 for the Fête de la danse in Geneva. 

Two performances of dance-music improvisation sees the light of day in June 2018. La caresse des pavés with Marc Oosterhoff, Cédric Gagneur and the drummer Clément Grin is created for the press conference of the 19th edition of the festival Le Castrum in Yverdon-les-bains.  

The blue flower with Evita Pitara, Cédric Gagneur and guitarist Bruno Dias is created for the Geneva music festival on the dance stage of the ADC. 

In July 2018, the project 116th Dream by Evita Pitara and Cédric Gagneur with guitarist Bruno Dias played its premiere in situ for the festival de la Cité in Lausanne. The project is selected by the Reso Programmers Fund to play in 9 festivals/theaters throughout Switzerland until 2020. The theater premiere took place in Geneva at the Théâtre de l’Usine on April 10, 11 and 12, 2019 as part of the Emergentia Festival. 

Cédric Gagneur was commissioned by the Forum Culture, which brings together directors of cultural centers and theaters in the Jura, Bernese Jura and Biel regions for a choreographic creation for 4 dancers and 3 musicians. This project is called Silva and will have its premiere on January 16, 2020 at the Nebia Theater in Biel.