Art Plus

The association Art Plus was created in 2020 by Chloé Bieri. In her contemporary performances, she uses materials from different horizons, such as elements of burlesque and French chanson d’auteur, to integrate them in counterpoint to her vocal, body, experimental, video and electronic music performances. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree at the Haute École de musique de Lausanne in 2014 with an award of excellence and then a Master’s degree with honors, in Musical Theater and Composition at the Haute École des Arts de Berne in 2018. 

As a composer, she writes mainly for her own performances, but also for ensembles such as, for example, the WeSpoke ensemble and for her duet with Marthe Krummenacher (Swiss Dance Award). In her own pieces and shows (Wifi, Pour les oiseaux, directed by Faustine Moret, in musical collaboration with Pascal Auberson and Pierre Audétat, Avec Orgueil et Honte, in musical collaboration with Carlo Barbagallo, directed by Stanislas Pili).  

As a performer, she works with contemporary composers such as Simon Steen Anderson, Charlotte Toress, Tim Parkinson, Francesco Filidei, Carlo Barbagallo, and others. She performs repertoire such as Hans Wüthrich’s Das Glashaus or pieces by Cage, Aperghis, Berio, Rebotier, Kagel, Globokar, Beckett, Reich, Glass.

Currently her project “Vague” for voice and electronics has been selected at IGNM Zürich and Soapbox Pakt Bern. She has also been selected by the Ensemble Vortex Geneva for the artistic residency Composer Next Generation at the Festival Archipel and Fondation l’Abri.



The voice, spoken, sung, shouted, whispered, is a vector. It transmits, expresses, an emotional state – moreover, it is the personal stamp of a consciousness. The voice is also the first musical instrument. Little by little catalogued by stylistic registers, from the creation of the tonality, it was put in boxes, in genres, was subjected to stereotypes. In its “instrumental” dimension, it has been scrutinized at length, and the mechanical data of its proferation have been methodically explored. 

It is in this multiple heritage that WAVE is situated. This title evokes the new generation of composers who are emerging at the moment and who use musical theater, voice and electronics in particular: a Wave, therefore, which seems to me to be in the process of being constituted today. 

With Vague, we explore musical theater and the very broad possibilities offered by the alliances between the voice and analog or digital electronics, while playing with all vocal registers (timbres, vocal styles, pitches, various vocal and oral possibilities). It is also a question of questioning the implication – or non-implication – of a form of vocal theatricality, of questioning the voice as a vector of emotion: is it possible to treat the voice as a pure instrument, to keep, in a way, only the sound? 

The invited composers are : Léo Collin, Mathieu Corajod, Stanislas Pili and Cholé Bieri. Vague will bring together a piece by Huihui Cheng already premiered in 2016, and four original pieces, 

These pieces are entirely dedicated to current research for voice and electronics in contemporary music and all also feature performative aspects of music theater.