Cie Sturmfrei

The Company Sturmfrei was founded in 2000 in Geneva by the Swiss artist and director Maya Bösch. The company creates contemporary, experimental and multidisciplinary theater. It produces its shows with institutions as well as in the urban space or unusual places to explore other relationships, invent new forms, dramaturgies and experiences. From 2014 – 2020, she leads a publishing project in parallel with her creations. Entitled ON SPACE, ON BODY, ON SOUND & ON TIME. This series of four publications aims to convey experience and practical thinking, and to contribute to critical reflection and development of contemporary theater. 

The long-time associate artists: Barbara Baker, Gwendoline Bouget, Sylvie Kleiber, Dorothea Schürch, Michèle Pralong, Rudy Decelière, Fred Jacot-Guillarmod, Vincent Hänni, Christian Lutz, Thierry Simonot, Gilles Tschudi, Thibault Vancraenbroeck.