In 2007, the three dancers, Deborah Hofstetter, Diana Lambert and Adrian Rusmali, founded the company Diadé. A mixture of very different universes. In 2009 they create “Scream scene” followed by “C’était juste un dimanche”. In 2011 they signed “METRO” and here they are with a new project for 2014 “Re-play”. 

Adrian Rusmali 

After studying at the National School of Dance of Albania Adrian Rusmali received a scholarship to train at the Geneva Junior Ballet under the direction of Beatriz Consuelo. He has lived in Geneva since 1996, and since 1999 he has worked with several companies in Switzerland and abroad, including the Laura Tanner Company, the Alias Company, the Grand Théâtre de Genève, the Ventura Dance Company, the Théâtre Nürnberg, the Hermes Dance Company, and the Stadttheatre St Gall for two years, where in 2004 he created a choreography. 

Diana Lambert 

Born in Paris, Diana Lambert has lived in Geneva since 1994. After studying dance in Paris at the Serge Golovine school until the age of 17, she joined the Ballet Junior de Genève directed by Beatriz Consuelo. 

From 1996, she danced in the Laura Tanner Company, participated in projects with the Alias Company, Cie Vertical danse, Cie Da Motus! and the Grand Théâtre de Genève. She assisted Noémi Lapzeson at the Jacques Dalcroze Institute for 2 years. In 2000, she created a choreography for Platforme 2000. 

Déborah Hofstetter 

Déborah Hofstetter, born in Vevey, studied dance at the Zürich Opera School, as well as the Schweizerische Ballettberufschule under the artistic direction of Mr. Heinz Spoerli. She continued her training at the Theater Schule Zürich “Choreo Dance Project”, until the age of 19. 

Since 2001 she has been working at the Stadttheater in St. Gallen. Since 2005, she has been working in the free dance scene, as well as in several independent companies such as Ventura Dance Company, Laura Tanner Company, Atempo Repertory Dance Company, Hermes dance, Cie Urto, Leipziger Tanzheater and the Company Public in Private. 

Daniel Gendre 

Musician, Daniel Gendre, born in Geneva, studied sound engineering and at the same time learned musical composition on his own (piano). His current work is based on a research of sonorities and textures. He has composed the music of many shows for the French-speaking scene: melya, Destiné… And collaborated in various video projects: Obscures Windows, Idie… and He already counts to his credit the realization of 3 Cds: Marchands de saisons, Trace and Evohé1. 


Electrik Balcan

After three tours of the Diadé company as part of the Albania de Durres festival in Albania, Adrian Rusmali returns to his roots and immerses himself in the universe of folk dances of his country. 

For this creation, the Diadé company is inspired by this festive and joyful culture to build a work that combines folklore and contemporary, while maintaining the specificity of each universe. Centered on the research of sonorities and body textures, the choreography will explore the existing contrasts between the Albanian and European culture. 

The spectator will be invited to enter a folkloric universe to pass to a more contemporary one; the intention being to establish the links between a warm dance coming from an ancient culture and a current artistic expression, more cold and inaccessible. 

The choreography will also explore the opposition of sensations: of freedom, joy, smiles and belonging to a group with stricter sensations, dry and tense. 

The questioning of the choreographers is articulated on the role of traditions in our current societies and the individual possibility to leave a defined cultural framework. 

Electric Balkan 

From 18 Oct to 21 Oct 2017 at L’étincelle in Geneva. 

Dance/Choreography: Adrian Rusmali, Diana Lambert and Deborah Hofstetter 

Live music: Daniel Gendre 

Lighting design: William Ballerio 

Diffusion: Anna Ladeira 

Production: Cie Diadé 

Duration: 50 minutes