Le Voisin is an office that spreads projects and ideas to the world, and this since 2016. We offer professional support to cultural and artistic projects.

Franco-Swiss, Le Voisin French, as well as Swiss navigates between the borders. We are committed to multidisciplinarity by putting forward the human side, both geographically and culturally. We have heart to help the companies which create fictions to reach the Other. Our goal is to humanize relationships through art.

Le Voisin accompanies artists throughout the production process of their artistic project. Advice, strategy, preparation, fundraising, management, tour organization, administration, project closing… We keep a real flexibility in our fees according to the financial situation of the companies and productions that we manage in close collaboration with the artistic directors, in particular not to penalize the emerging companies. We are not simply “external” service providers, but we really take part in the project and assume part of the risks.