Joel Defrance

Joel Defrance works on the notions of poetics arriving in the public space, queer politics and being together. He explores these issues through different characters created in situ for solo or collaborative performances.

He explores these issues through various characters created for solo or collaborative performances.
His sensuality challenges and composes in the writing of desire, proposals flirting with lyricism and punk. With the voice, the body and electric and electronic machines as mediums, they is interested in the future in interactive vocal and body synthesis modules. Based in Lyon, Joël studied at HEAD Geneva in the Art Action class. He performs in different European cities between cabarets, squats and art galleries. So, they has been working on the development of a new art form.

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Eustache McQueer

Eustache MacQueer was invited by the Pôle Mission Égalité et Diversité of the University Lyon 1 to perform with Diana Baroni during the festival ‘Hors de Genre’ at La Doua on 19 May 2022.

Photos by Juan Para Torres