La Division de la Joie

Founded in 2019, La Division de la Joie opens its repertoire under the artistic direction of Lola Giouse with This is not a Love Song. This first creation heralds a theater that is very worked on from a textual point of view, but which favors the poetic power of evocation and the informal over all ornament.  


This is not a Love Song

From October 6 to 13, 2020 
Saint-Gervais Theater, Geneva 

“There is no sexual relationship. It starts with this sentence of Lacan’s that I don’t understand. I don’t understand it. OK. So we take a scene, a girl, a boy and we try. It’s true, sometimes I ask myself, what can I touch from you? What do you touch of me when you penetrate me? What is this desire that I have, at times, to cross you? Something is exchanged, perhaps liquids, words. But if I say “we are close”, where is the point of contact, of friction? 

These are the questions that inhabit Lola Giouse, writing and directing this play where humor and tenderness take us into the exploration of desire and feelings of love. 

This is not a Love Song is brought to the stage by Géraldine Dupla and Simon Hildebrand, a duo with subtle acting and astonishing sensitivity. The obvious complicity between the two actors and their crazy energy takes us into the intimacy of their first lovemaking, their modesty and their fears, in their confrontation with the paradox of a language that both binds them and separates them infinitely. 

Director _ Lola Giouse 

Acting _ Géraldine Dupla and Simon Hildebrand 

Assistant and collaboration _ Matteo Giouse 

Costumes _ Anna Van Brée 

Outside view _ Rémi Cayron, Jean-Daniel Piguet, Vivianne Pavillon, Arnaud Mathey and Delphine Rosay 

Diffusion _ Tamara Bacci 

Administration _ Anna Ladeira and Mathias Ecoeur – Le Voisin 

Support _ Loterie Romande, Fondation SIG, Fondation Engelberts, Nestlé Foundation for the Arts