The company Mixt Forma is an association carrying interdisciplinary and living arts projects, gathering musicians, dancers, actors, writers, researchers around the composer and director Mathieu Corajod. The company was founded in Biel in 2020 after the creation of That goes well with how you live (Ircam – Centre Pompidou Production 2019), to realize projects combining body, voice, instruments and technologies.


Laquelle se passe ailleurs

On stage: five performers from different artistic disciplines (drama, dance, performance, percussion, singing), linked by Ircam technologies, with no musical instruments other than their bodies, voices, objects and various media.</p>

This is the first time that a piece of music has been written.
The stage writing is the result of creative processes intertwining the practices of different artistic disciplines: poem-partition performed aloud, visual rhythms chanted by movements alone, breathing score for dancer, technological device making the objects of the scenography resonate…
Which happens elsewhere gives us the opportunity to see scenic poems from another world. The laws that govern this universe differ from ours. The twists that writer Dominique Quélen imposes on reality and language are reflected in all the elements of a system with its own logic, its own artistic grammar and its own physical and chemical laws. At times mysterious, humorous or grating, this other world paints an upside-down portrait of our changing times.