Ra de Ma Ré

Cie RA de MA ré was founded in 2010 in Geneva. The artistic direction was first entrusted to a duo formed by Marthe Krummenacher and Raphaële Teicher, before the latter assumed it alone. However, the links between the two artists have remained deep, and the collaborations between them are numerous, both within RA de MA ré and the Burning Feet Company currently directed by Marthe Krummenacher. 


Il n’aura qu’à dire que tu l’as poussé dans l’escalier

Seven siblings. A criminal procedure opened in 2015 for abuse. The past resurfaces, illuminating a family atmosphere of daily violence, in permanent tension. 

An autobiographical project, Il n’aura qu’à dire que tu l’as poussé dans l’escalier (He’ll only have to say that you pushed him down the stairs) is inspired by this shocking experience. Mixing dance and words, the choreographer and dancer Raphaële Teicher chooses to tackle head on the taboo subject of violence within the family, through the prism of the body and music. 

Then appears the word without censorship, in all its crudity and its cynicism; a word tinged with humor however, which liberates and which says, without anger nor judgment, the manipulations, the perversion, the violence and the abuses. The strength necessary to emancipate oneself and the will to explode an intolerable framework also appear. A show that certainly packs a punch, a subtle and intelligent proposal for a theme that is too rarely addressed on the stage.