Cie Sundora & Dgendu

SUNDORA & DGENDU was established in Switzerland in 2013 by Dorota Lecka and Gérald Durand. Both are choreographers and dancers of the company. Their work emphasizes the exploration of the physicality of the body and its « mediative » capacity. They dedicate their research to the understanding of human potential which can be discovered and expressed through the endless possibilities ofLire la suite « Cie Sundora & Dgendu »

Cie Synergie

The Cie Synergie was created in 2017 in the city of Meyrin, by the choreographer Cédric Gagneur. Cédric, born in 1993 in Switzerland, began breakdancing in 2008 and went on with a Hip Hop dancer-creator training. He then became interested in contemporary and classical dance and entered the Geneva Junior Ballet for two years where heLire la suite « Cie Synergie »

Cia Híbrida

The Companhia Híbrida was created in 2007 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, by the theater director, choreographer and producer Renato Cruz. Founded with the propose of develop a unique research that mixes different kinds of artistic languages as Hip Hop Dance, Contemporary Dance, and Theatre. Since then, the company has received some importantLire la suite « Cia Híbrida »